Five(5) Standing Committees and Sub Committees (2011-2012)

Club committees are charged with carrying out the annual and long-range goals of the club based on the four Avenues of Service. The President-elect, President, and immediate past President should work together to ensure continuity of leadership and succession planning. When feasible, committee members should be appointed to the same committee for three years to ensure consistency. The president-elect is responsible for appointing committee.

Members to fill vacancies, appointing committee chairs, and conducting planning meetings prior to the start of the year in office. It is recommended that the chair have previous experience as a member of the committee. Standing committees of RCB appointed as follows:


Chairman : Rtn. Ataur Rahman Chowdhury
Vice Chair: Rtn. Md. Abdur Rahman Khan
Member : Rtn. Kazi Abdul Mannan, Rtn. Salimul H. Siddique, Rtn. Khondoker Rashed Ahmed, Rtn. Bipul Bagmar


Chairman : Rtn Ashraf Ali
Member : Rtn. Md. Ainul Hoque, Rtn. Parvin Sultana, Rtn Md. Mahfuzzaman

Club Bulletin
Chairman : Rtn Sanjida Yasmin
Member : Rtn. Md. Ashraf Ali, Rtn. Ehsanul hque Kamal, Rtn. K A Mannan

Fellowship Activities & Program
Chairman : Rtn Salim H Siddiqui
Member : Rtn S K Biswas, Rtn Abdur Rahman Khan, Rtn. Rashed Ahmed Chowdhury

Chairman : Rtn M A Hafiz
Member : Rtn. Nazira Quraishi Kamal, Rtn. Dilara Parveen, Rtn. Sanjida Yasmin


Chairman : Rtn M A A Zakaria
Vice Chair: Rtn. Md. Ainul Hoque
Member : Rtn. Kazi Abdul Mannan, Rtn Md. Ashraf Ali, Rtn. Dr. Nazira Quraisi Kamal, Rtn Md. Wahiduzzaman


Membership Education

Chairman : Rtn. Ehsanul Haque Kamal
Member : Rtn. Md. Abdur Rahman Khan, Rtn. Md. Ainul Haque, Rtn. Dr. Mamun Al Mahtab

Chairman : Rtn. Md. Ainul Hoque
Member : Rtn. A A Rifat Hyder, Rtn. Parvin Sultana, Rtn. Bepul Bagmar


Chairman : Rtn Ehsanul Haq Kamal
Vice Chair: Rtn. M A. Hafiz
Member : Rtn. Md. Ershad Ali, Rtn. A.A. Moniruzzaman, Rtn. S K Biswas, Rtn. Nazira Quraisi Kamal


Media relations
Chairman : Rtn. S K Biswas
Member : Rtn A K M. Kamaluddin Chowdhury, Rtn. Md. Abdul Quddus, Rtn. Khan Tariqul Islam

Web and Social Media
Chairman : Rtn. Nazira Quraisi Kamal
Member : Rtn. Sanjida Yasmin, Rtn. Mohammad A. Hafiz, Rtn. Ahmed Kamal Khan Chowdhury


Chairman : Rtn Parvin Sultana
Vice Chair: Rtn. Khandaker Rashed Ahmed
Member : Rtn Ehasanul H Kamal, Rtn Nazira Qurashi Kamal, Rtn. Mohammad A. Hafizs, M AA Zakariah


Fund Raising for Club Projects
Chairman : M A A Zakaria
Member : Rtn. Shahida Naaz , Rtn. M A Hafiz, Rtn. Rashed Ahmed Chowdhury

Chairman : Rtn. Nadira Quraishi Kamal
Member : Rtn. A K M Kamaluddin Chowdhury, Rtn. M A Hafiz, Rtn. Md Wahiduzzaman

R I Programs (RYLA, WCS or Rotaract)
Chairman: Rtn. Salim H Siddique
Member : Rtn. M A Hafiz, Rtn. Sanjida Yasmin, Rtn. M. C.M. Munas

Rotary International
Chairman : Rtn Ahmed Kamal Khan Chowdhury
Member : Rtn. MCM Munas, Rtn. Md. Ershad Ali, Rtn Md. Mahfuzzaman

CCSN Project
Chairman : Rtn. Kazi Abdul Mannan
Member : Rtn. Mohammad A. Hafiz, Rtn. M A A Zakariah, Rtn. MOK Wahedi,
Rtn. A.A. Moniruzzaman, Rtn. Parvin Sultana, Rtn. Rashed Ahmed Chowdhury,
Rtn. Md. Ainul Hoque

Rotary School of Banani
Chairman : Rtn. Engr. Abdul Awal
Member : Rtn. M A A Zakariah, Rtn. A.R. Chowdhury, Rtn. M A. Hafiz

Medical, Dental & Eye Camp
Chairman : Rtn. M A A Zakariah
Member : Rtn. Ehsanul Haq Kamal, Rtn Ahmed Kamal Khan Chowdhury, Rtn. . Mamun Al Mahtab

Trustee Fund
Chairman : Rtn. Engr. Ataur Rahman Chowdhury
Member : Rtn. M A A Zakaria, Rtn. Kazi Abdul Mannan, Rtn . Md. Abdur Rahman Khan


Chairman: Rtn AA Muniruzzaman
Vice Chairman : Rtn Rashed ahmed Chowdhury
Member : Rtn. Ataur Rahman Chowdhury, Rtn. Khan Tariqul Islam, Rtn Ahmed Kamal Khan Chowdhury, Rtn Salim H siddique


Annual Giving
Chairman : Rtn M A Zakariah
Member : Rtn. Khan Tariqul Islam, Rtn Ashraf Ali, Rtn. Md. Mahfuzzaman

Grants Scholarship, Use & Alumni
Chairman : Rtn Ershad Ali
Member : Rtn. Md. Mahfuzzaman, Rtn. Shahida Naaz Huda, Rtn. Md. Abdul Quddus

Parmanent Fund
Chairman : Rtn. A.A. Moniruzzaman
Member : Rtn. Md. Mahfuzzaman, Rtn. Ashraf Ali, Rtn. Shahida Naaz huda

Polio Plus
Chairman : Rtn Ainul Haque
Member : Rtn. Abdur Rahman Khan, Rtn Md. Ershad Ali, Rtn. S K biswas

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